The Xbox One was dropped to $350 throughout the 2014 holiday season and reverted back to $400 in January. Two weeks later, Microsoft has decided to drop its price one more time.

The Xbox Wire made an elaborate post celebrating what a great year 2014 was for Microsoft's current-gen console, despite being slumped by the PS4 throughout a vast majority of the year. While the Big M saw a massive spike in sales after dropping the Xbox One's price by $50 during the 2014 holiday season and releasing some awesome bundles, it looks like things reverted back to normal once the sale ended. Just two weeks after reverting its price to $400 from $350, Microsoft did an epic crossover and went back to the $350 price tag, which was announced in the video above by Xbox Head, Phil Spencer.

We feel for all you guys who spent that extra holiday money on an Xbox One during the first two weeks of 2015. We have a feeling this price drop may have been made in response to the PlayStation 4/The Last of Us Remastered bundle that was announced yesterday, or perhaps the Xbox One's sales for the first two weeks of the year plummeted after the price reversion.

Nevertheless, we hope this discount applies to all the bundles that are still out there in the wild, potentially bringing back all those awesome holiday deals. Phil Spencer will be back on Jan. 21 to speak at the Windows 10 press conference, likely with new Xbox news to announce.

They should've called this console the Xbox 360 with the way its price keeps going in circles.

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