September's big Xbox One update has arrived early, bringing external storage capabilities, an MKV-capable media player (yarrr!) and all sorts of other UI changes.

The Xbox Wire has announced that the Xbox One's September update has gone live a week early. We now have a revamped party system, new social features for Xbox SmartGlass, a new media player and USB storage support.

Internet pirates rejoice, Xbox One's new media player will be able to play the MKV format, which is the primary file of choice for videos with subtitles or dual audio that you can change on the fly. The new media player will also support Mpeg 2 TS, animated gifs and other file types. Unfortunately, not all of these formats will be playable right away, some formats can't work yet, but will be patched into capability in the near future.

Xbox Live party leaders can now make party invitations as a requirement for joining and can also remove others from the group. Xbox SmartGlass can now do a variety of new things, such as posting status messages, sharing items and commenting. There will be a bandwidth display to show how much of your Internet connection the system is using throughout the day. Xbox One users can now set their console to boot directly to TV when coming out of connected standby.

Lastly, users can delete multiple GameDVR clips at once, which is great for those who love to splice together multiple videos and save them as one giant montage or clip.

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