Xcel Energy warns it's customers of a credit card scam that's been happening in Texas and New MexicoDon't be a victim!  Know the facts, read on to find out how to save yourself and your friends/family from being scammed out of your hard earned money!

Xcel reports that several customers have been calling them, saying that they were contacted by a person claiming to be an Xcel representative and telling them their power is about to be shut off.  Then, the person that called, whom keep in mind is claiming to be an Xcel rep, they are not actual reps they are scammers, tells the customer to buy a Green Dot pre-pay VISA card to make their power payment.

I warn you, if you get this call do not buy a Green Dot pre-pay VISA card!

Customers that have done this have found that after they purchase the pre-paid card, the entire cash amount on it is completely drained!  Boom!  Scammed!

I was reading up about it, and Amarillo Globe News reports that the scammers are actually targeting a particular demographic!

Amarillo Globe News:

The scam seems to target Hispanic customers, according to the news release.

Xcel warns customers to call 1-800-895-4999 to verify any communications from the company or if they need help paying their bill. The company also does not recommend a specific type of payment.

So there it is all nice and laid out for you, so please don't let you or any of your friends and family fall victim to this, especially my Hispanic audience, for some reason they got it out for you!

Share this out to all your friends so they know what's going on!


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