We all have those dreaded moments when the electric bill comes in and you don't want to open it.  Well Xcel Energy customers will get a little relief on next months bill.

Since December, the thing that I dread the most is opening up the electric bill.  Everything in my house is electric and my bill has been outrageous.  The highest was in January when I paid a little over $400.

Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done.  We have to pay our bills.  If we don't, we wouldn't have the luxury of warmth or hot water or, of course, light.

Thankfully, all of us Xcel Energy customers are going to get a little relief over the next couple months.  Back in November, a one-year surcharge was implemented to offset under-collections of fuel costs from early 2011.  It now looks like the surcharge will end six months ahead of schedule.

The price of natural gas is continually going down and this helped Xcel reach it's under-collected amount at a faster rate.

On April 1, Texas residents began to see lower prices when the company lowered its fuel-cost factor – the charge on monthly bills that collects for fuel used to generate electricity.  A residents bill of 1,000 kilowatt-hours was lowered at that time by an average of $4.17.

And now with the surcharge ending, residents will see another savings.  On a typical bill of 1,000 kilowatt-hours, $5.09 per month, or 5.5 percent, will be shaved off.  This savings will begin on May 1st.

It may not seem like a whole lot at first sight, but going from a $400 bill in January, I am looking for savings anywhere I can find them.  I am looking forward to paying a smaller bill!



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