Local, organic, and vegetarian options aren’t the easiest to find on a menu in this part of the country, but those are only a few of the amazing perks of dining at local favorite, Yellow City Street Food.

Having grown from a shack on 10th to a cozy sit-down joint on Wolflin just three years after opening their doors in 2013, YCSF packs a serious punch with the outstanding quality of their restaurant. From the food to the staff, this restaurant deserves five-stars across the board.


What first impresses me every time is the almost effortless calm energy maintained by the staff, a bunch of super-friendly, goofy nerds who know a ton about good beer and good food. Though it’s a popular place and gets packed, the line moves quick, and the kitchen moves quicker, turning out perfectly cooked and aesthetically-plated food in no time, and before one group is even out the door, their table is cleared and filled again.

The ever-evolving craft beer menu and a wide selection of wine are easy to navigate with the help of that staff, who get excited every time you ask for suggestions, offering samples and explaining each in detail until they find the perfect fit for you. The food menu—consisting of burgers, fries, tacos, and brunch—revolves as well, with a shuffled variety of new recipes and fan-favorites for a fresh menu each week; plus, the chef releases a new special every day!

YCSF Draft Beer Menu

But this delicious menu has so much more than variety and originality to offer—it’s also packed with locally-grown, organic ingredients, and they are more than inclusive and accommodating when it comes to vegetarian options and allergies (in fact, vegetarian options are readily offered on the menu, and they’re just as varied and unique as the meat option!).

Finally, it would seem like with such high-quality food, drinks, and service, the meal would be pricey, but with generous portions, constant specials, and most menu options falling in the $5-$10 range, you won’t break the bank, and trust me, you’ll leave satisfied.

For more information, or to check out their weekly menu, click here!

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