I woke up this morning and saw that I had a text message. I opened it up, it was a screenshot from a close friend. Hmmmm? I thought to myself and tapped on the photo. And as I read it, I could only think Oh no. 

It was a post from Yellow City Street Food sharing the news that they had been broken into early this morning.

I hate to hear that this happened to them. They are one of the restaurants that have brought in new life to the area, and scores of people took the risk and opened up their own small eateries in YCSF's wake.

Heck, I remember when Rin and Scott first started out, and they had some pretty humble beginnings with a big big dream, They've worked hard for what they have now, and they've weathered the pandemic, only to have their restaurant broken into and ransacked. What a mess.

But what sticks out to me the most is that they sound far from angry and ready to go bonkers.....like I would have been....instead, they simply note that the break-in had taken place shortly after one of the owners had left the building and expressed gratitude that nobody had been hurt.

Then they close out with this poignant statement:

These have been hard times for us this year, with the aftermath of 2020. Our hearts are with all small businesses because so many have endured difficult times over the past year.
Much love. Stay safe.

That's the sign of good people, right there.

So my next question is.....what will we do to protect our small businesses? We talk about how small businesses should be supported over chains. We talk about how they're the backbone of our society.

Yet time and time again, I hear about these small businesses being broken into and the culprits never caught.

What can we, the community, do to help protect the small businesses that serve us?

Think about it. Because I know I will be.

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