If you have an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot and worried about the device listening in on your conversation you can now tell 'Alexa' to put a lid on it!

According to CNN Business, Amazon wants you to know that you can tell the smart speaker to delete your daily conversations with it as of Wednesday (May 29th).

Alexa, delete everything I said today!

Once you say that the device will delete all your voice recordings from midnight until the moment you give the command.

In a few weeks you can also tell the device "Alexa, delete what I just said," and it will remove the recording of your most recent request.

After other growing concerns about privacy with the smart device Amazon will introduce the Echo Show 5 smart screen that will come with a physical cover for its front-facing camera.

What do you think of Amazon adding this feature to allow you to tell Alexa to delete everything you've said for a day or what you just said?


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