Every year, our devices get smarter and more powerful. We basically carry mini-computers in our pockets everywhere we go. In our homes, we can tell Alexa or Google to turn on and off pretty much anything that is connected to said device. That is straight up "computer" from Star Trek! This holiday season, your Christmas decorations are no exception to the wave of smart actions and devices.

The newest trend that is popping up all over the internet is smart Christmas trees. No, i'm not just talking about plugging your tree into a smart plug to turn it on or off, i'm talking about Alexa-enabled and app controlled trees. Mr. Christmas brand announced a couple months ago that they were hitting the Amazon marketplace with an Alexa compatible tree. Amazon jumped on board by offering a bundle where you can buy the tree and an Alexa Echo Dot for the full experience. Right now, if you buy the tree for $299.99, you will get the Dot free. The tree, the Alexa device, plus your home WiFi is all you need to get started:

The Mr. Christmas 7-foot faux Douglas fir comes pre-lit with LED lights that turn on and off with your voice and change color on command. The lighting options include red, green, yellow, blue, multicolor, sparkles and more.

If you would like to take a more simple approach, but smarten up the existing lights and tree you have, here are some of the best items to get started. You will just need an Alexa device and a set of smart plugs:

If you want to control your outdoor lights, I recommend this outdoor, waterproof smart plug:

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