Every Xcel customer may be receiving a refund.

Xcel Energy has been in talks with Austin to lower elected bills for all residents of Texas. You may be thinking that sounds impossible but it actually makes sense. You may have noticed that your bill is a little bit cheaper compared to this time last year. Every residential customer has seen a 9% lower price since 2017 due to natural gas prices.

If natural gas prices are lower, it makes it cheaper for Xcel to generate power. So, if it is cheaper for them, it should be cheaper for us, right? Right! Xcel Energy agrees.

If the state request is approved every residential customer will be receiving a refund close to $12 in January 2019. For some customers, this refund could even be over two billing cycles.

Some might say $12 isn't a lot but let's be real. That will at least cover my lunch at The Bagel Place. I'm not saying no to any free money. Thanks, Xcel!

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