Yes it's about to be on again as round 2 of the 4th annual Dash 4 Kash on 96.9 KISS-FM kicks off Monday, May 20th, 2013!  We've stashed another $1,000 in the city, and if you're good enough to crack the clues, you can find the money and be our next big winner!

While I'm here, I wanna say congratulations to Joey Palacios and his wife, who did some major hunting, figured out the clues, and found the $1,000 we stashed in round 1!

We'll start round 2 off with $1,000 once again hidden somewhere in the Amarillo city limits!  Listen Mon-Fri at 10:20a, 4:20p & 7:20p to get your clues, and the following morning at 7:20a, we'll recap the previous day's clues.

Bonus clues?  Yup!  We've got 'em!  We'll have 1 here on our website that you'll have to hunt for, that will start on Monday the 20th, and we've got a PICTURE BONUS CLUE that we're offering you as well!  Here's what you gotta do to get the picture bonus clue, get Groovy Pop Gourmet Popcorn up to 2,000 likes on Facebook by 12m on Monday, May 20th, and we'll release the picture bonus clue!  That's a 1 time only offer so spread the word because they're at about 1,725 right now!  You CAN STILL GET THIS PICTURE BONUS CLUE!

And 1 time only, I'm offering up a clue breakdown!  This is the only time I actually take the clues, break them down for you, and give you very helpful hints as to how to anticipate where we're hiding the money :)


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