FindTheHome studied every city in the U.S. to find the 50 places where you'd most likely survive and zombie apocalypse. Canyon was ranked #12.

The quiet town of Canyon is situated just south of Amarillo. There is an almost non-existent crime rate, exceptional school system, and, apparently, an environment of zombie apocalypse preparedness.

Canyon scored a 91.1 on FindTheHome's zombie index, meaning the little town would have high survival numbers if the zombies attacked. They were also given a 72.9 for resources, because, hello, this is Texas and everyone has a gun. Canyon got a 52.7 for defense and an 80.3 for demographics.

There aren't any other Texas towns on the list, although Potter County has a high rating for resources.

The #1 city to survive a zombie apocalypse is Ridgeland, Mississippi. They got an index score of 93.3, although they had a lower resource score than Canyon at 57.8.

So just in case this is the year of the zombie apocalypse, we're all in good shape.

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