By now, you’ve heard more than enough about Angus T. Jones – aka Jake from ‘Two and a Half Men’ – and his videotaped religious outburst about what “filth” the show that pays him $350K an episode is.

He later apologized for those remarks, and then his mom told the world she thought his newfound church might be exploiting him.

And the story isn’t over yet.

Zealous religious people are always looking for a good pulpit from which to share their inspirations, so it won’t surprise you that an apparent whack-job and fellow fan of Jones' pal and videotape co-star, ForeRunner Chronicles evangelist Christopher Hudson, has come out of the woodwork in support of the actor.

The aforementioned loon, Michael McNamee, thought it was a good time to grab some attention, so he stuck his toe into the spotlight with an interview with Radar Online, which never met a loon it didn't like.

In that conversation, McNamee prophesied that Angus, whom he does not know, is going to be a "guiding light for Hollywood” and that the actor “felt the love of God and his spirit came over him like he was being hugged from the inside out. God really did turn his life around.”

“There are a lot of people who believe that Hollywood is full of sinners," he continued. "I believe that Beyonce and Jay-Z are both members of the Illuminati and that is part of a Satanic cult.”

Furthermore, he’s convinced that “a lot of the rap singers such as Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and rock stars are in it and they have given their souls to the enemy in return for fortune.”

“I do believe that in some cases they made a bargain with Satan in return for fame and fortune," he mused. "I wouldn’t say that every star has, but there are several in Hollywood who have done that.”

Lest you think this sounds racist because every single name he rattled off is a black performer, McNamee threw a white one in there too just in case: Katy Perry. "She comes from an Evangelical Christian background and her dad is a preacher [but] I think she is in the Illuminati now.”

Perry, Beyonce and the rest would probably be upset about this whole thing, but they're likely too busy being rich and famous and trying to get their souls back from Satan.

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