Baby wipes are not just for babies, check out these easy but genius ways to use baby wipes.

I don’t have children but ever since my niece was born I have been privy to the wonders of baby wipes and their magical properties.

Here are 10 different ways I’ve come to depend on baby wipes:

Touching Up Makeup

The most obvious would be to use them in place of costly makeup removers – I opt for a wipe that is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and doesn't contain any alcohol or parabens.

Removing Makeup from Clothes

Wipes are great at removing stains from clothes. I tend to get makeup on my collars when I wear sweaters or jackets but with a handy wipe you can just erase the makeup off your clothes.

Cleaner Shoes

You can use a baby wipe to clean off your heels and tops of shoes that have gotten muddy or dirty.

Car Essential

The grime that has collected around your steering wheel or anywhere in your vehicle will easily come off with a wipe.

Wash Down

A quick way to refresh yourself from a long day or after the gym and you don’t have time to go home – a wipe will help get you at least somewhat presentable.

Public Bathrooms

You and I have both seen some nasty public restrooms – wipes will always save the day on this occasion.

Public Transportation

Buses, Ubers, Streetcars, whatever mode of public transport you are using – trust when I say that a wipe will most certainly come in handy.

Deodorant Marks

If you often get white marks from your deodorant on your clothes, a wipe will easily take that off.

Cleans Your Phone

If you haven’t opened your phone case and cleaned it down thoroughly with a wipe, then it's time.

All-Around Handy Wet Nap

Wipes can be used as your average wet nap. Eating in your car, grab a wipe. No toilet paper, grab a wipe. After pumping gas, grab a wipe.

Seriously there’s probably a thousand ways that a wipe can be used on besides a baby’s bum. So the next time you’re at the store, load up – they will make your life so much easier.

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