Just recently I had the pleasure to meet an amazing 11 year old girl name Carla. 3 months ago Carla and her family was given the news that she had a form of cancer called Leukemia. It was very shocking to her parents and Carla was in school when they got they received the news, the doctor requested Carla's mom to pull Carla out of school immediately and take her to the hospital.

Carla did not know what was going on till the Doctor broke the news to her that she has Leukemia. Carla's first concern and question was "Am I Going To Lose My Hair?" The doctor said yes as soon as she started Chemo. Carla then accepted the fact that she was going to lose her hair and shaved it all off and donated it to the 'Locks Of Love.'

I noticed a picture of Carla on a friends facebook and I asked my friend if she would introduce me to Carla. Carla was so excited to be on the radio with me and I popped the big question to her "How would you like to shave a Dj's hair?" She had the biggest smile on her face and within minutes we had a pair of clippers.

Before Carla shaved my head her words to me were "Hair does not define a person." From there my mind was set that I was proud to be bald for Carla. Carla since then has toured the community to share her message with everyone about donating blood. I'm so glad I got to meet Carla and is considered a friend to me.

If you see Carla around town take time to say hi to her and get to know this amazing person.


Thanks to Amarillo Globe News for providing video...

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