13 Reasons Why's second season may be focused on justice, but there are still plenty of secrets to be uncovered.

After unraveling the mystery behind Hannah Baker's death in Season 1, Clay learns she wasn't the only person with a story to tell at Liberty High. In the first official Season 2 trailer, released on Tuesday (May 8), he receives a polaroid that reads "Hannah wasn't the only one," suggesting not only that Bryce's victim pool may be broader than viewers thought, but that he might not be the only perpetrator.

"This is proof of who they all are," Clay says in a voiceover, pushing another photo forward.

Elsewhere, Bryce warns, "We're all in this together," and a boy stands next to a car holding a sign that threatens "You talk you die." By the end, Clay is pushed so far toward justice that he winds up with a gun.

"The threads of this mystery, like who’s doing this and why and how does it relate to Hannah Baker and how does it relate to what Jessica went through, it all comes together in the later episodes in a way that I think is really satisfying and also speaks to some of the underlying themes that we’re talking about like sexual abuse and the endemic nature of sexual abuse and the way institutions sometimes wittingly or unwittingly allow it to continue," showrunner Brian Yorkey told Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview. "These are all tied up in this central mystery of what is on these polaroids, who is leaving them and why."

13 Reasons Why season 2 premieres May 18 on Netflix. Watch the trailer above.

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