An 18 year old girl lead the Amarillo Police on a stolen vehicle police chase yesterday that ended in a blown tire and wreck. The vehicle was warming up in the owner's driveway on the 2000 block of S Fairfield in Amarillo, when the female decided it was the perfect time for a joyride.  Why can't a person just let their car warm up in their own driveway without worrying about somebody stealing it?  What's happened to the world?

Amarillo Police:

"On Tuesday November 12th, at approximately 7:50am, Amarillo Police were dispatched to the 2000 block of S Fairfield on a stolen vehicle. Upon arrival, they spoke with the victim who stated they had started their 2000 Chevrolet PU to let it warm up and went back inside their residence. A few minutes later the car owner returned to find the vehicle was now gone. Officers gathered information and an attempt to locate on the vehicle was broadcast out to other officers. At approximately 9:15am the owner of the vehicle observed their stolen PU and contacted police and attempted to keep the vehicle in sight until officers arrived. Arriving officers located the stolen vehicle and a chase ensued. The driver of the stolen truck ended up on Airport Blvd and eventually drove down a dead end street. As the driver was still eluding officers, they blew out a tire and eventually wrecked the truck in a ditch, and the driver was taken into custody around 9:33am. The driver is identified as Cassandra Renee Flores H/F 18. Flores was arrested and booked into the Potter County Jail on charges of UUMV (unauthorized use of a motor vehicle), Evading Arrest/Detention with a Motor Vehicle, and one local municipal court warrant. The vehicle was released back to the owner.
This is a good reminder to residents not to leave your vehicle unattended even for a short time. This vehicle was stolen and driven away in a matter of minutes. As colder weather approaches if you need to warm up your vehicle the best suggestion is to sit in the car while it warms up. It is estimated that well over half of the stolen vehicles in Amarillo had the keys in the vehicle."

Here's what I do to avoid this problem happening when allowing my car to warm up in my driveway.  In one car, I lock the car doors and keep the key fob separate so I can unlock the doors when it's time to ride.  Pretty simple, I have a key chain that can separate with the key on one side on the fob on the other.

I realize not all cars can do this, some cars have the key fob on the key.  I in fact have one of those cars and have found the solution for that!  I had a cheap spare key made that only unlocks the doors.  I start the car and the key/key fob rests in the key ignition.  The car is smart, it won't allow me to lock the doors when the door is open and the key is in the ignition.  That's where the spare comes in!  I shut the door and use the spare key to lock it from the outside.  Boom!  They're gonna need a brick to steal my cars!

If all else fails, you're just going to have to sit in your car while it warms up.