If you get monthly bills in the mail from the City of Amarillo for services like water, solid waste, sewer and drainage you may be getting duplicate or multiple different bills.

In an effort to improve the billing process the City of Amarillo has changed their billing computer software in the Utility Billing Department. This change has caused a lot of calls and questions flooding into the City office. If you were a customer who received multiple bills don't worry. You have a few options.

  1. Email waterbill@amarillo.gov, with your name, address, and bills to be combined into a single bill next month
  2. Make a payment by mail or in-person this month.
  3. Make a phone payment by calling (806) 576-1932.

The Utility Billing Department is confident this problem will not repeat itself during the next billing cycle. The city apologizes for the inconvenient and thanks you for your patience.

To avoid paper billing all together you can sign up for online bill pay at billing.amarillo.gov.

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