UPDATE: Fiesta Foods bought the sponsorship and now the Parade is back on!

The parade is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 15.

The Tri-State Fair holds some 94 years of memories, but one will be missing this year. The parade that kicks off Tri-State Fair week, has been canceled due what the fair officials are calling "several concerns."

In the past, the City of Amarillo, has absorbed many of the costs of the parade that includes barricades, and officers for security and safety. A Tri-State Fair press release says the City of Amarillo is no longer able to absorb those costs any longer. At a cost of $7,000, the fair will not be able to afford to do it themselves.

Additional safety concerns, also played a part in the decision, to cancel the parade this year.

The 2018 Tri-State Fair & Rodeo is September 14-22 at the Tri-State Fair Exposition grounds.

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