There are a lot of people happy to hear this news. As I was browsing through my Facebook news feed, I noticed a post from the Canyon Chamber of Commerce.

The 4th of July parade is officially on for 2021.

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If you've never been to the 4th of July parade, it's a blast. I always have a good time driving the radio station vehicle in that parade. The crowd is awesome. Everyone in the parade is friendly. It's just an all-around good experience.

In the post, the theme for this year was mentioned. This year the 4th of July parade will be themed "Aloha, Canyon."

It's exciting. Last year it seems like all we did was talk about cancellations. There were a lot of big events, some that are traditions for most of us, that we were forced to skip.

This year, we get to talk about all of the things coming back.

The theme for the parade is a pretty interesting choice. I'm fully expecting a sea of "Hawaii Five-0 shirts" at this year's festivities. I also have my suspicions that there will be leis involved.

With a theme like "Aloha, Canyon" how could there not be leis?

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The Canyon Chamber did post a link to the 4th of July parade's page. It has all of the information on the route this year, the starting time, and just in case you are wanting to register a float for this year's 4th of July parade there's a link to the form.. You can see it here.

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