Remember the incredibly shocking story out of Amarillo where a murder victim was thrown out of a moving vehicle in broad daylight?  This is that case, the homicide of Lance Hooser.  When I heard the original story, all I could think is, "that is something you hear about the Cartel doing!"  It was definitely a shocking and frightening story!  Yet, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, as 5 people have been arrested and taken into custody by Amarillo Police.

Amarillo Police:

"Special Crimes investigators spoke with several witnesses and began identifying the suspects in the murder of Lance Hooser. A suspect vehicle was also identified and described as a maroon Chevy Equinox. On Friday August 16, Ricky Don Burns, 25, was arrested by SWAT officers, COPPS officers and Special Crimes investigators for the murder of Lance Hooser. He was booked into the Potter County Correction Center. Early Saturday morning on August 17, the suspect vehicle in this case was located at 7926 Simpson. Uniform officers and SWAT officers spotted up on the vehicle while investigators obtained arrest warrants and a search warrant. Terry Daniel Young, 52, was stopped driving the suspect vehicle and arrested on a murder warrant. Aggravated kidnapping warrants were issued for Robert Wyatt Melton, 32 and Jeffrey Sean Noblett, 41. Melton was arrested Sunday morning at his home. On Sunday August 18, an aggravated kidnapping warrant was issued for Bobby Guy Crawford, Jr., 47. He was arrested at his home on Sunday afternoon. SWAT officers found Jeffrey Noblett at a motel on I40 east late Sunday afternoon and arrested him for his aggravated kidnapping warrant. Melton, Crawford, and Noblett were all booked into the Potter County Correction Center."

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