Today I went to Don Harrington Discovery Center to donate blood to The Coffee Memorial Blood Center. I try to donate blood at least once a year.

Donating blood is important because it saves more lives then you think.

At least one person needs a blood donation every two seconds. Which means the time it took me to write this sentence 4 people needed blood.

Here are 5 reason you should give blood.

  1. You burn about 650 calories each time you donate up to one pint of blood. It can also help you lose some weight.
  2. Some people worry about their condition. When you donate blood you find out if you are healthy. Because they can not use blood that is unhealthy.
  3. Too much iron in your blood can lead to damage in the body. This can increase your chances of cancer. Miller-Keystone Blood Center says blood donations help reduce the risk of cancer in the liver, colon, throat and lungs.
  4. Less iron in your blood can also cut down the risk of Cardiovascular Diseases. The Journel of the American Medical Association says that donors aged 43 to 61 have fewer heart attacks than those who don't donate.
  5. It makes you feel good. Donating blood makes you feel like you made a difference in someone's life.


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