Now, I know this post is not ideal for ALL families. But If you're looking for new adventures and Something new to do on weeknights. This is probably something you might want to look into.

I recently traveled to Minnesota to see family. We went to Mall of America and my brother took me to a popular store Games By James. We bought a few games and at the check out the cashier gave us a pamphlet of all the Family Board Game nights.

We decided to grab dinner a few nights later and headed to a local game store by the house. 7 pm Family Fun Game Night. My Niece and Nephew picked out a Demo Game, usually, game stores have demo games set up so you can try them out before you buy them, but there is no pressure.

We played Kingdomino, what was cool about this is we were learning a completely new game that wasn't a monopoly or candy land. It was something new. So I traveled back to Amarillo and looked up places to play games.


I walked into Game Quest last week wanting to learn something new. They were so helpful and friendly. I ended up hanging out at the game store for 3 hours, learning a new game.

Check out these places, I've linked their facebook pages below.

So with that, here are 5 reasons you should and your friends or family should head out the door on a weeknight for some fun.

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    You're Learning Something New

    You're growing your knowledge, you're giving yourself a new set of skills and with board games, you're feeding your analytical sense. This improves intelligence and critical thinking something we all need.

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    You're Bonding with Friends and Family

    In everyday life, it's hard to stop and smell the roses. This allows you to sit down with your family and learn together, hang out, laugh, find out who the cheater is in the family.

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    You're Getting Out Of The House

    When we think of board games, we think of being at home at the kitchen table. But now you're taking the kids/friends/yourself out of the house and making memories within your community.

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    You're not spending a lot of Money

    Game stores usually don't charge for you to come in and play a demo game. Sometimes you end up really liking the demo game and want to purchase it. I've found a lot of card games in the last couple weeks playing this way.

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