We have your chance to win $1000 twice each weekday except Thanksgiving and Black Friday in November.  That's $2000 a day.  We want to make sure you are taken care of this holiday season with some extra cash.  A $1000 can go a long way when it comes to buying Christmas gifts.  However, we had some ideas of what you could buy in Amarillo with $1000.

Business Man Displaying a Spread of Cash
  • 13 - 72oz Steak Challenges at the Big Texan

    With a $1000 you could grab 13 friends and try the 72oz Steak Challenge at the Big Texan.  If you all finish it in time, you get it free if not you've spent your $1000.

  • A 1300 Pound Cow

    We do live in cattle country and if you were thinking about adding a cow to your family.  You could get a 1300 pound cow for about $1,000.

  • 300 Jars of Tascosa Hot Sauce

    If you grew up in the Amarillo area then you grew up on Tascosa Hot Sauce.  Founded in Amarillo it is some of the best hot sauce around.  Those that moved away from Amarillo crave this deliciousness and have their friends and family ship it to them by the case.

  • 50 Good Snow Shovels

    Yes, we have had a Summer that doesn't want to let go and leave.  Unfortunately we haven't had much of a Fall and have hit almost record high temps for the last 3 weeks.  However, the snow will come and it will be absurd.  So why not stock up and help some folks out with a decent snow shovel. We're gonna need it.  We seem to have at least one Snowpacalypse each year.

  • 142 Cans of Spray Paint

    I'm not exactly sure how many cans of spray paint it would take to cover the cars at Cadillac Ranch but you could cover quite a bit with 142 cans.  Pick one color, pick 20, it's your $1000 to spend.

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