Well if you're a believer in the Doomsday 2012 phenomenon and the Mayan calendar, or at least a very discredited interpretation of it, we have through this Friday, December 21st until the apocalypse.  That's less than 5 days and counting!  What to do?  How can you be prepared in such little time and what will you need to make it through?

Well I'll start by saying this, if the world is going to end, you don't need anything at all.

But let's pretend there is a global catastrophe coming that you could possibly survive, what then?  What do you need to make it?


Water is the most important thing you will need if it hits the fan!  The average person can survive roughly 3 days without water.  If you want to make it, you'll need a water supply.  There's several different ways of getting water, even without spending money.  The most simple answer would be to go buy some 5 gallon jugs of water and store them in your garage.  FEMA recommends having a 3 day supply of water in case of disasters.  The human body needs 2-3 liters of water each day.  Do the math, if you want a months supply of water, for 1 person that would be 90 liters of water, almost 24 gallons.

So first and foremost, you need to get enough water to last however long you think you'll need to ride things out, factoring in the total number of people you need water for.

If you think civilization is just going to collapse completely and you'll need an indefinite amount of water, there's a few easy ways to get it.  You can buy water purification tablets to easily make water drinkable.  A rain water collection system seems to be the most common way of collecting and storing water.


Food is pretty important too!  It's recommended that you eat roughly 2,000 calories per day, and the average person can live from 1-2 weeks without food, and starving to death would be a terrible way to go.  Again, FEMA recommends a 3 day supply of food be stored in case of disaster.  Some foods are made for these kinds of events.  MRE's are very popular among doomsday believers, but they are literally just a temporary way of survival.  You wouldn't want to go more than 3 days eating nothing but MRE meals.  Foods that are great for storage and good for you include things like whole grain cereals, canned foods from meats to vegetables and pickled foods are also great things to have if you fear the worst.  The best bet is to stock up on canned or pickled items and some cereals.

For long term food supply, a simple garden can be the most powerful tool you have.  But with the area we live in and this supposed doomsday date being in Winter, growing food will be difficult.  A greenhouse would be ideal to accommodate for the season and growing conditions.  Sounds expensive, but it can cost as little as $50 to build one!


Yes, if things go south, protection will be important!  You will see the animal in people come out!  Especially if you're prepared for doomsday.  If people know that you have something they need, they will do whatever it takes to get it when desperation sets in!  So preparing yourself and being ready to protect your family would be a must!  Simple solution, get a gun and ammunition.  Yet, there are those that don't believe in owning firearms.  For those, I would suggest boning up on self-defense, or get things you can use to defend yourself that aren't a gun.  A bow & arrow is simple, yet Native Americans ruled the lands for a very long time with simple made bow & arrow set ups!  If you feel like that's still a weapon you wouldn't want in your house, baseball bats make great striking weapons and could save your life!  Either way, if the world ends up in a situation and many die, those that are left will literally have to fight for their life!  So you need to be ready to fight!


Yes, discovering fire and it's uses is where humans really started to advance in the evolutionary ladder.  Fire is a very powerful and useful tool!  From keeping warm and keeping you alive, to deterring predators, fire can keep you alive and provide protection all at once.  I suggest buying a good supply of water-proof matches and buying a fire striker on top of it!  If there's going to be a world wide catastrophe, you will need fire just as much as you need food.

Forms Of Money/Barter Items

I know, you're thinking to yourself, "money won't be of any use if the world comes to this".  You are correct, but having a form of money, something you can barter with, that will be a must!  A few things come to mind that will always have value and be a very useful barter item.  Gold and silver, gems, diamonds, they will always have value and while they would make for great barter items, I can think of some things that would hold more value in a time like this!  Alcohol, tobacco, food and water!  I can promise you that if things come to the worst, if you have a bottle of Jack Daniels, you will get whatever you want!  Tobacco and rolling papers will be worth their weight in gold!  Food and water will literally be priceless!  If you truly believe in a doomsday and want to live, you need to have some form of barter in order to make it!

Will the world end?  I have no idea, but better safe than sorry as they say.  Myself, I've done a little preparing, just in case.  I have just over 1 week's supply of food & water, because I'd hate to think that I could have done something to save my family and didn't.  Will the world end this Friday?  Man knows not the final day of the world, nor will we ever.  I think the world will be spinning long after humans have had their run on it.  Either way, no matter what you think will happen, love your family and friends like this Friday will be our last day.  Love isn't something you need to live, but it sure does make being alive that much nicer :) <3

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