With people getting high on bath salts and doing insane things like eating a person's face, I've accepted the fact that I really don't know what's going to happen when Doomsday,  December 21st, 2012 gets here.  In light of this, I found myself thinking I should be a man and prepare for the worse.  Would I call my self a "Doomsday Prepper", no I wouldn't.  Would I say that I can honestly assume people are going to over react?  You bet your sweet ass I do!  You even get a little but crack in the video above, don't act like your not impressed!

Think about it, the entire world panicked during the Y2K phenomenon, just imagine what they will be capable of when December of 2012 gets here!  Grocery stores will have empty shelves, selling completely out of water and canned goods, or other foods that will maintain a long shelf life.

Even worse, they might revert to primal instinct and start robbing other people as desperation sinks in.

With this in mind, I thought it was time to start preparing for the worse case scenario, all hell breaking lose as that certain day when the Mayan Long Count Calendar ends and we either do or don't face apocalypse.

So I've started a pretty good water supply, food ration, and yes, guns and ammo!

Buying some extra water when I go to the grocery store and stopping by an Army Surplus store or hitting up websites to buy MRE meals is easy, but shooting a gun, that's a different story!  You don't just get out and shoot a gun and just hit targets.  It takes practice!  So practice is what me and my wife are doing.

A couple of 9mm hand guns, a lifetime supply of ammo, and a safety training class led us to the Amarillo Shooting Complex, where you will most likely be finding us on most Sunday afternoons firing away.

Am I saying that all hell is going to break lose and we might face a certain doom?  No, I'm just saying that you never really know what will happen.  And trust me I do feel a little silly doing this.  But hey, if a little preparation is all that is standing between my family and certain doom, I'd like to think I did my best to get my wife and I ready for the insanity that just might spark.

This video was taken in 3D, so it may come across as fuzzy, but you still get the point I think!  Also, some browsers will require a plug in to play the video, install that at your own risk!

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