First off, I had no clue we had a Doomsday Clock!  But after doing some research it's actually fascinated me and I can' t believe I'm just now learning about this countdown to the apocalypse.  My reasoning for stumbling upon it, it's actually ticked.  Figuratively speaking, that's 1 tick closer to all our deaths.  This is the first time it's ticked since 2007.  That's bad news there if you believe in the accuracy of it.  Before you make a decision, you should know the basics of the clock.

The Doomsday Clock actually monitors and measures the means by which we could obliterate ourselves.  Taking things like nuclear weapons, changes in technology and climate changes into consideration to figure up a figurative time were we reach a point of catastrophic destruction.  The figurative being "midnight".  We don't want it to hit midnight, that's the tipping point so to speak.

But the fact is, all the information is considered by scientists, really seems kind of like a matter of opinion if you ask me.

The time piece hasn't moved in 5 years, but yesterday it moved 1 notch closer to midnight.  We are now sitting at 11:55pm, 5 tiny ticks away from the hour appointed as our fate. But why the sudden movement? (Washington Post)

In moving the clock ahead on Tuesday, the BAS cited the failure of world leaders to achieve significant progress on the reduction of nuclear weapons and in developing a comprehensive response to climate change. Just two years ago, following global talks on climate change in Copenhagen and international pledges to reduce nuclear stockpiles, the BAS moved the clock backward by a minute.

So take it for what you will, everyday seems to bring us closer to our end.  I say just live a good life and don't worry yourself and waste your brain power with this stuff.  But I do say, let's look at other reasons the clock might have moved forward.

Okay back to a serious note, if this subject has peaked your interest, you'll find a good overview and read on what the Doomsday Clock is here.


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