Halloween is a great time for fun and family, but if your family includes pets, there might be some things that are dangerous and scary about the night that could hurt your pets.

Here are a few tips that can help your doggo and kitty safe on Halloween:

1. Keep pets inside your house - Costumes might scare your pets and the constant ringing of the door bell might stress them out. Keep your pet in a separate room with their favorite toys and some background noise to calm them.

2. Keep candy away from pets - Some candies can be toxic to animals, and wrappers might cause choking. If you're kids have their loot spread out, make sure your pets are not allowed near the goodies and keep the candy where your pets can't get to it.

3. Not all pets like costumes - You might think they are adorable with a pumpkin costume, but it could stress your pet out. Consider something simple, like a Halloween bandana, which can be a more comfortable solution.

4. Keep jack-o-lanterns with flames out of reach - Try using flameless candles to prevent the risk of injury. Be sure other decorations are out of reach, as well.

5. Keep a collar and ID tag on your pets - Pets can get out and unless they have an ID tag and are microchipped, it might be difficult to get them back to you.

If your pet does go missing, Animal Services encourages owners to visit the shelter immediately to see if they made it to the facility located at 5001 Fred Wilson.

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