Every year it comes and goes. Mother's Day. Now if you are like most moms and are asked this question about Mother's Day you may not want the family to make a fuss. I never really did.

I just wanted to spend the day with my daughter. So we always took that day and went out to Wonderland Park. I think we did that since she was about two years old. We spent many hours at the park and we always had a great time.

Maybe you are trying to decide on what to actually do for mom this year. Maybe you don't want to ask her you just want to plan something nice for her. You do know that mom just wants you to make an effort. To make a plan. She wants you to not run to the store last minute on Saturday to try to come up with a plan.

So here are some fun ideas for Mom for this Mother's Day.

  • Wonderland Park: I am going to start here because it was always my go-to. Usually, moms get in free so an added score.
  • Dinner: I feel like this is a go-to. It seems most of the restaurants are busy on Mother's Day. So maybe you can even score extra bonus points by going grocery shopping and making her a great meal at home. You can get the whole family involved.
  • Brush with Art: How about a nice fun family activity? Mom would love something that the kids made. You will have to plan this activity early because they are closed on Mother's Day. Or just take the kids there earlier and wrap up their creation for her to open up.
  • Massage: Moms love to be pampered. Odds are they need a stress-free day. How about a day of pampering. I would get to booking her some time now. Don't just buy her a gift certificate. Get it all scheduled and make her go. She will love the family for this.
  • Hello Fresh or some other meal kit: This is a great idea. Get it ordered and there can be several meals that are already planned out. You will have a few days free of the discussion "What's for dinner?". Oh and you can work on making the meals as a family. Who doesn't want a lot of together time?
  • Medi Park or another Amarillo Park: Get outside. Stop and pick up a bucket of chicken or run to United to get all the goodies to make sandwiches. Get to the park and have a picnic. Let the kids play oh and take lots of photos.
  • Speaking of photos: Why don't you schedule a family photo session? I mean when was the last time you got professional photos as a family? I am sure those photos need to be updated.

Don't forget to let the kids pick out a card. Moms love that kind of stuff. I sure know I did. Heck let the kids make her one. The more arts and crafts kind of projects you can do with your kids the better. Make those memories this Mother's Day. It will be remembered as her favorite day ever.

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