Amarillo is known for many things, one of those being ghosts.

Amarillo is considered the 10th scariest city in Texas. We have several haunted houses and stories about ghost sightings.

Here's a list of Amarillo urban legends that are said to be true. Do you know of any we missed?

1. Summit Elementary School

Police often catch people ranging in age from 14 all the way into their 2'0s at the building. Summit Elementary School was open in this location until 1972.  The building, which is at the top of a hill on the top on Northwest 11th Avenue, is said to be haunted for a number of different reasons. A janitor who killed students and stuck them in the boiler, racially motivated murders that took place in the school, and murdered prostitutes hidden in the walls are just a few of the urban legends about the building. People say that if you are brave enough to visit the elementary school at night your car may do strange things, the swings will move by themselves, and you might even hear voices coming from the walls.


2. The Old Natatorium

At 6th and Georgia sits a building that has been used for many different purposes throughout its existence. The old Natatorium was originally built as an indoor swimming pool and spent time as a dance hall. Now it's been restored to an antique mall that some say is home to a few restless spirits. Once it became renovated as an antique mall, people began to notice cold spots in the floor and voices when no one was around. A psychic came into the building and said the ghost of a female who once spent many hours in the gambling hall will appear in a white dress with a red stain on the bodice. Her story was that she was having a great time in the hall when another guest spilled wine onto her dress. Apparently she had so much fun that she decided to stick around.

3. Gebo’s

Back in the day, the building that sits on the Canyon E-Way that is now a Gebo’s farming equipment store was a Bonanza Supermarket. Legend has it that sometime during the 1980s an employee was killed there and began haunting the building. The rumor was that he would return to his workplace and move things around without reason. When the building took on a new purpose, the ghost remained and is supposedly still there.

4. Tradewind Airport

The Tradewind Airport was once only used for private planes and according to local legend, a spot for one man to go and meet with his mistress. Eventually, the man’s wife found out about the affair and caught the two in the act on his private plane. She murdered the couple and then killed herself staying around to haunt the airport after her death. Visitors say you know she is near by the smell of her perfume and if you stand near one of the unused hangars a couple can even be heard arguing.

5. Jackson Square Apartments

The apartments located on South Jackson Street have seen a number of murders in their time and have been closed to the public for years now. People who have visited the second floor of the building report having seen blood stains and a shadowy apparition that visits the place where he has stabbed years ago. On the third floor, legend says that a ghost of a pregnant woman can be seen jumping out of a window but disappearing before it hits the ground. The upper floors of the apartment are where a man shot several people after getting them to open their apartment doors. It is said that the ghost of man hanging himself can be seen in one of the rooms. These apartments are really a one-stop shop for all your ghostly needs.

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