50 Cent has admitted to claims the mother of 6ix9ine's child made about him and Tekashi.

Footage of an Instagram Live surfaced on Monday (May 4), in which Sara Molina, the mother of 6ix9ine's daughter, alleged that 50 taught the Brooklyn rapper how to hide money from her. Shortly after the livestream began circulating the internet, Fif hopped on Twitter and said that he schooled Tekashi on how to conceal his earnings.

50cent via Twitter
50cent via Twitter

"Yeah she will never find it, and i’ll show them my Taxes right after Trump. LOL," 50 tweeted on Thursday morning (May 7).

During Molina's IG Live, which appears to be aimed at 6ix9ine's current girlfriend, Jade, the mother of the rapper's child claimed that money was going to be hidden from them both. "He [6ix9ine] told me how he was going to hide money from you," Molina began. "He told me he was going to hide his fucking money from child support and fucking charities ’cause 50 taught him. He was going to that extent just not to fucking...to a baby that he admitted might be his just not to fucking take care of your daughter."

50 Cent, who has referred to 6ix9ine as his son in the past, recently revealed that he would not collaborate with the rapper now that he is home from prison early due to the coronavirus outbreak. During an interview with Big Boy of L.A.'s Real 92.3 last week, Fif said there won't be a record with him and Tekashi because it's against how he grew up, referring to 6ix9ine snitching against former associates and members of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods to get a lessened prison sentence.

Tekashi quickly caught wind of the interview, which was posted on The Shade Room's Instagram page. "Won't be the first time 50 abandons his son....... lemme just mind my business," 6ix9ine said in the comment section of the post.

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