Getting punched in the face is something no one wants to experience. However, we did the work for you of places you may get punched in the face if you visit. Don't let this discourage you though, there are some pretty awesome places on this list.

If you have places that should be added to the list, let us know in the comments. Tell us where and why and maybe we will add it.

  • Credit: Nick's Fight Club
    Credit: Nick's Fight Club

    Nick's Fight Club

    Located across the street from us and always very busy. We expect a lot of people getting punched in the face here.

    I just visited their website and they look like a bunch of people I wouldn't mind taking a punch from. I would recommend visiting this place.

    The Goal at Nick’s Fight Club is to motivate, encourage, and inspire every single person that walks in. From professional athletes, to those who have never set foot in a gym, we can coach anyone. Through our one-hour, total body workout, we are committed to helping our members reach their health and fitness goals. There is no better place to fight your battle than here at our gym. Whether it be stress, health problems or only the desire to stay fit, NFC offers an upbeat and positive environment to push you towards a healthier lifestyle. So are you ready? What's your fight?

    Place to avoid? No, this is a great place to get fit and be healthy.

  • Credit:

    Downtown Amarillo

    The bars, the local sports teams, the youth. There is a chance you could be punched in the face. Alcohol and sports can fire people up.

    Place to Avoid? No, there are wonderful restaurants, bars, and the civic center to keep you busy enough. Plus all the hidden gems in the downtown area.


  • Credit: amarillo66
    Credit: amarillo66

    Route 66

    Eat. Drink. Antique. Maybe get punched in the face? I've seen and experienced the night life of Route 66. Not only awesome but a fair share of strong personalities. The biker bars always look so cool.

    Place to avoid? No, the bikers are really nice people and the passer Byers are respectful. There is so much to do and see. The occasional fight will break out, but nothing the crowd can't control.


  • Credit: Google Maps
    Credit: Google Maps

    45th and Western

    The most dangerous intersection in Amarillo, known for its accidents. Probably the late night sober sessions at Whataburger in the area.

    Place to avoid? Yes, probably at night.

  • Credit: Amarillo Yelp
    Credit: Amarillo Yelp

    Any New Fast Food Grand Opening

    The lines are long and the patience is short. It's hot, we're hungry, let me get my food.

    No lie we avoided raising cane's for two weeks before we went. People within our office would probably fight each other for fresh chicken.

    Place to avoid? Yes! Wait it out, you could end up being the puncher. Actually a great opportunity to visit Nick's Fight Club

  • Credit: KAMR
    Credit: KAMR

    Walmart on Georgia

    This Walmart has made national news. I know people who avoid this Walmart. I've shopped here a few times. Nothing to fear. The employees do not take crap from anyone.

    I stopped here one night at around 9 pm and some guy followed me to my car after I left the store.

    Place to avoid? Maybe, probably not best to shop here at night when the creepers are out.

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