We have a lot of things in Amarillo to entertain us, but we would love to have a lot more places to choose from when it comes to fun.  There are so many things in different cities that would be awesome to have in Amarillo.  Here are some of the thing we would love to see open up in our fair city. 

Movie Tavern or Alamo Drafthouse

This is a movie theater where you can go see a movie and eat a meal.  You have servers that come and take your order and you can order a full meal or movie snacks.  Better yet you can also order drinks because they have a full service bar.

Adventure Landing or  Main Event

These are the entertainment places that have it all, bowling, laser tag, go-karts, bumper boats, miniature golf etc.   I think this would be a perfect thing for Amarillo.  I know we have all of this, but they are all over town and in different places.  We need to have something that has it all in one location.


Let's face it we have a ton of golfers in Amarillo and several golf courses so it is just logic that we could support a Topgolf.  Why play in the heat when you could play indoors and digitally I guess it would be a perfect way to practice your swing. Plus you don't have to be a golfer to have fun at Topgolf.

Dave and Busters

We haven't had a really cool game place since the Caboose left town.  I think Amarillo could support a Dave and Busters.  I mean if you look around Mr. Gatti's and Chuck E. Cheese.  More adults are playing the games instead of kids.

Sea Life Aquarium

I know this is a long shot but it would be really cool to have an aquarium here in Amarillo.  I love going to Dallas and going to the different aquariums they have there, it's just fun to see all the sea life.

Sky Zone

A place where you have all the trampolines you can imagine, yes please!  I know some of the gymnastic places offer a smaller version of this, but a whole place that is trampolines and foam blocks.   It would be a bouncing fun time.

Medieval Times or Dixie Stampede

People love to go to shows and have dinner at the same time.  To do something like this we have to travel to places like Dallas or other big cities.  It's time Amarillo got something like this so people have to travel to us.  How cool would it be to have a Medieval Times or Dixie Stampede.  I mean we have plenty of horses in the area.

What kind of entertainment venues would you like to see come to Amarillo?