Sometimes out-of-towners get Amarillo all wrong.

While it may be true that Amarillo is home to many horses, tumbleweeds, and get mentioned in plenty of country songs, there's more to our town than a hitching post and an abandoned wagon.

Unfortunately, the fact that Amarillo is pretty much just a normal place gets lost in translation somewhere along the way. There are people who even live in Texas that don't have a clue what goes on in Amarillo.

When we come across people like that, they tend to ask some of the same questions.

Here are 7 questions people, especially fellow Texans, should never ask someone from Amarillo.

  • 1

    "Do You Ride A Horse To Work?"

    The only people in Amarillo who ride horses to work are ranchers or in a rodeo. Otherwise, no. We all have cars.

  • 2

    "Is Amarillo Near Dallas?"

    This is a similar situation to that of a person telling someone that he or she is from California and being asked, "Do you live in Los Angeles?" There is much, MUCH more to Texas than Dallas, Austin, or Houston.

  • 3

    "What's There To Do In Amarillo?"

    The reason people from Amarillo hate this question so much is that usually it is asked in a way that makes it seem like the person asking already knows the answer. Basically, there isn't a lot to do in Amarillo, but you don't have to point it out to us.

  • 4

    "Isn't There A Song About Amarillo?"

    There are actually over 25 songs where Amarillo is mentioned in the title or lyrics. And no, we don't know why.

  • 5

    "Do You Go To A Lot of Rodeos?"

    George Strait is coming to the rodeo in Amarillo in "Amarillo By Morning," which gives people the impression that the rodeo is, like, a city-wide event. I would guess there are more people that don't go to the rodeo in Amarillo than those that do.

  • 6

    "Do You Live On A Farm?"

    Another misconception thanks to Jason Aldean's "Amarillo Sky." While there are plenty of farms on the outskirts of Amarillo, the city is, in fact, a city, where people work at banks and creative design companies and coffee shops.

  • 7

    "Do You Eat At The Big Texan All the Time?"

    The Big Texan is one of those national icons that has drawn the attention of the Food Network on several occasions. However, those of us that actually live in Amarillo don't frequent The Big Texan unless we're going to the haunted house or taking someone from out of town. It's not a special treat to us, much like going to Times Square is not a hobby of native New Yorkers.

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