An Arkansas woman was sitting down on some rocks when she started sliding down the side of the Canyon on Sunday, February 21st.

When the weather starts warming up, everyone from the Amarillo area knows that Palo Duro Canyon will be swarming with people. There will be hundreds of visitors, both locals and tourists.

Because of the traffic, people tend to stray off of marked trails, hoping to get a more secluded experience.

That's what happened to a woman who took a huge fall down the side of the canyon this weekend.

She and her family stopped at Palo Duro Canyon on their way home to Arkansas. According to her sister, Gail Yon, she lost her balance and sat down on some rocks. The rocks started sliding, sending her tumbling down the canyon wall.

Texas Parks and Wildlife was able to send responders to the scene within minutes. Luckily, the woman suffered only minor injuries, some scratches and a hurt ankle.

Even if you've been to the canyon 100 times, it can still be a dangerous place. Never hike alone and try to avoid unmarked trails, unless you are a skilled hiker. As the weather warms up, carry plenty of water and always have a snack handy.

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