Are you used to wearing that mask yet? I know they are not the easiest to get used to. I have tried.  That is sometimes the toughest part. I know that masks have become a normal part of our days. The state of Texas has mandated that we have to wear one. There are still people mad about it.

More and more businesses will not let you in without one. Walmart is making it mandatory, Best Buy too. I feel this list will grow more and more.

You can not go to a doctor appointment without wearing one either. Except maybe the dentist. That is a positive. I mean it's hard for them to clean your teeth with a mask over your mouth. It's hard to find a place to get your hair or nails done without that requirement of wearing a mask as well.

So there may be some ways you are still using that mask wrong. My daughter and I were at a store the other day and the manager had a mask on. That is a good step. The bad part is that he just had the mask covering his mouth. His nose was not covered. Well, that kind of defeats the purpose. So if you are going to wear a mask. Wear it right. Make sure it covers you nose and mouth.

You may be contaminating it without even thinking about it. So you run into Bahama Bucks to grab a great snowcone and as soon as you get out you pull that mask around your neck. Well that can contaminate it. Just touching a dirty surface and then touching your mask can do that too. If you are using a cloth mask, now is the time to wash it. If you have a disposable one it's time to toss it. Oh and toss it in the garbage. Do not throw it on the ground.

Another mistake we could be making has to do with timing. If we put the mask on as we are walking into a store or take it off as we are leaving; we are not helping ourselves. Ideally you want to put that mask on before you exit your car. Wait until you get back into your car to take it off. If you don't follow that advice you may be exposing yourself to the virus without even knowing it.

How often do you wash your cloth mask? If you wear it a lot you should be washing it after every use. Make sure you use the hottest setting. It would probably be best to place it in a bag you may have for your delicate's just to be careful. If you don't wear the mask very often you can wash it less frequently.Just make sure you let it sit in a bag away from any other items for up to a week. This can ensure the virus dies off without contaminating anything else.

What other tips have you discovered in using your mask? Comment below.


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