Who would have thought that at the beginning of 2020 that we would be talking about the stuff we have been. Who knew we would have a toilet paper shortage? Who knew we would all be owning and wearing masks?

With wearing masks we also have to be prepared to keep it clean. I mean that is not necessary for paper masks or those N95's. Though experts do say that those cotton ones are best because they are good at filtering. They are also a lot more breathable. If you have to wear any for any length of time that is important.

You, though, need to keep it clean. How do you do that? Is it better in the washing machine, or by hand? Either one will work good. Just make sure you use a gentle detergent, if you have sensitive skin.

How about the water temperature? You want it at least warm. If you are using the washing machine hot will work too. You just don't want to burn your hands if you are hand washing.

Do you think it is necessary to use bleach? Probably not. That bleach could interfere with your breathing. Especially since you will be wearing that on your face.

You can either use the dryer or let it air dry. If you go the dryer route don't use the hotter settings. Depending on how often you wear it will help you decide when to wash it. If you wear it every day for a long extended time it would be best to wash every day. If you just wear it every once in a while you can keep it out and the germs will go away.

Another bad thing about wearing masks, if you don't wash it enough it can start smelling. That is from your breath. Nobody wants a stinky mask. So get to washing.

Do you have any other tips to keeping your masks clean? Comment below.

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