If we looked back to about a year ago we were excited that we were able to head to Hodgetown for the return of baseball in Amarillo We spent many nights out there rooting on the Sod Poodles. Fast forward to today and yes, we can still go to the ballpark but so much has changed.

The Sod Poodles aren't playing this season as all minor league baseball has been suspended. Thanks covid. We are able to watch the collegiate league so we do get to see some sports live. We just now head to the ballpark to watch the Amarillo Sod Squad and the Amarillo Sod Dogs. We do just have to bring our mask along. Who would have ever thought back last year that this is how 2020 would be? I couldn't even imagine masks being a hot topic. Oh and it is HOT.

So how do you make wearing a mask in the heat a little more bearable? Well if you are wearing it outside you need to make sure you have a lighter, breathable material. A cotton one would be a great choice since it will help keep your face cooler. That is the ultimate goal.

The one thing I like about wearing masks is it cuts down on the makeup I apply. They do recommend that you maybe just have moisturizer and sunscreen on under the mask. You sure don't want a hot messy glob of makeup on your mask when you go to take it off.

Do whatever you can to keep it dry. Any mixture of sweat and droplets from your breathing makes the mask a little less effective. So do your best to keep it dry. I know in 100 degree weather that is easier said than done.

So maybe to help you with this one you should carry a spare. So if the extreme heat gets to your mask you can swap it for a dry mask. If you are going to be wearing a mask you might as well make sure it is protecting you.

We have had a lot to get used to in the year 2020. Wearing masks has been one of them. Let's move forward and on to however the rest of the year is going to go for us. We got this.


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