I'm sure a lot of us are still in a Thanksgiving coma. You may still be eating a lot of turkey. You may be making a lot of soups or casseroles. Maybe you are throwing all your leftovers into dough and frying it up.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to turkey meat. You can make so much with it. Do you tend to eat more white meat or dark meat? Do you prefer one more than the other? Or do you just stick to white meat because it is healthier?

A lot of people do think that white meat is healthier than dark meat. They think because there is less fat it has to be better. Oh and it does have less fat. White meat, though, also has less nutrients than the dark meat has.

Dark meat has more iron and zinc, selenium and vitamin B. So does that mean that you should be eating more dark meat? Possibly. Well what about the calorie difference. I mean dark meat has to have a ton more calories because of all the fat. Correct?

Dark meat is higher in calorie but not really by much. A 3 oz cut of dark meat has about 190 calories. If you eat the same amount of white meat turkey it only has 160 calories. So it is really only a difference of 30 calories.

So if you want the extra nutrients it is OK to go for the dark meat. Just don't over do it because those calories to add up.

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