Tomorrow, we'll start making it rain!  It's the newest KISS Kash giveaway on the radio station in what we're calling the Nine Six Nine Triple Play!  Where our 9-6-9 means KISS Kash in your pocket just for listening! 

Here's how it works.  Tomorrow (and every other weekday through mid October) listen at 9a, 6p & 9p to get your free money Triple Play songs.  Keep track of all 3 songs everyday, then the following morning at 11:20a Angel Dee will ask for a certain caller number to cash in on $100 just like that!

Thursday's & Friday's, your not just going to win KISS Kash, your also going to win 50 bucks in free gas!  All you need for that is the Free Gas Bonus Code and you can get that right now by texting "pink" to 57711!  The Free Gas Bonus Code will change every Thursday & Friday so make sure you text it every week to find out what it is!

We will only be doing song recaps on the weekends, that's it.  So you HAVE to listen to find out the songs Mon-Thurs!  Otherwise we will do a recap of Friday's songs on the weekends to KISS Klub members so if your not a member, join the club!

The winning starts tomorrow, 9, 6 & 9 you better be listening!



!  Thank our sponsors for giving you all this free cash!  The best way to thank them, is by paying them a visit :)

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