There are certain warning lights that will pop up on your dash when you're driving that will immediately send you into a bit of a panic. If that engine light comes on, it's immediate panic right? You want to just pull the car over right then and there and stop everything.

Now, there are other lights that will pop up on the dash that will freak you out a bit, and it tends to be different for everyone. The one that gets me? Low tire pressure. I know that seems silly, but that tells me I could have a flat tire all of a sudden.

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That light will immediately have me looking for a gas station or somewhere to pull over and take a look at the tire. Most of the time, it's just that it needed a touch of air. Crisis averted. Here's the problem. I'm not sure where I can find an air pump, well, at least one that doesn't require quarters or cash that I never have on me.

There are several places in Amarillo however that DO have free air. Some of them are self serve, some of them will do it for you. It all depends on how much time you have to spare, or whether or not you trust yourself to fill up the air in your tires yourself.

Discount Tire actually has a sign at their locations that read "Free Air Check". You can pull into that spot, they'll check your tire pressure, and if needed, they'll top you off to get you back on the road. Kwik Kar locations on Western and Coulter will also top you off for free.

If you're ok with filling the tires up yourself, Lowe's has a free air pump that you can go to at any time and use. Many truck stops such as Love's offer free air pumps, and I know for a fact (because I've used it before) that the QuikTrip locations in Amarillo also have free air pumps.

So don't panic if that light comes on and you're out of quarters for the ones around town that require them. Chances are you're close to at least one place that offers of free air.

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