Every young lady in the Texas Panhandle should have the chance to make magical memories at the prom!  With the economy in the toilet and bills racking up, many families find it hard to budget a dress for the prom.  It's sad, but this means some girls will go without.  Can you imagine having a date but not a dress?  Well, we want to help out as many girls as possible in our 3rd annual Project Cinderella!  Got someone in mind that needs a dress, but can't afford it?  Nominate them here and now!

Just fill out the nomination form (below) and we'll do our best to get your nominee a free dress for the prom in 2012!

Donations are still being accepted too!  If you have a gently used formal dress that would make a good prom dress, please give it to the cause.  You can drop off new or used dress donations to the KISS-FM studios, Mon - Fri from 9a - 5p, at 6214 W. 34th Ave.

We'll get the best dresses cleaned up and give them to a young lady that's in need.

Because together, we CAN make a difference and make sure ALL the high school girls get a chance to have that special experience at the prom!

Get the form filled out for nominations and please spread the word about dresses being accepted because we are a little short this year.  Any help you can give would be much appreciated!  Not just by us, but by the young ladies that get to go to the prom because of you!  We especially need some more sizes 12 and up!  We've always been short on the larger sizes so any of those would also be a big help!

While I'm at it, did you know that the word "prom" is actually short for "promenade"?  Because I sure didn't!

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