Almost 20 years ago, soon as he became a billionaire he just decided to give it all away. Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar and his wife founded the Omidyar Network. 'everyone has the potential to make a difference,The Network' helps people. Rebuilding communitys that are in need. Feeding the hungry, teaching the illiterate, and sheltering battered women.

The Omidyar Network is doing an experiment. Giving away $493,000 in free money. Charity, GiveDirectly want to test a new theory for solving poverty called Basic Income. This program helps people with a defined amount of money, which comes on a regular basis to cover their food, rent, and clothing.

The free money for the program, will have it spread out like a regular paycheck 2 to 12 years. Others will get it as a lump sum. Research exists, with stress reduced and self-sufficiency comes.The Basic Income program had some of the severely poor, now in charge of their own businesses, sending their children to school, and making them critical home repairs.

Studies even show that drug and alcohol use declines as stress declines. Staying within the Omidyars' philosophy. 'Eliminating poverty, hope that society will be cured and they we will have a better sense'.  The Omidyar Network have raised over $23.7 million, with a target goal of $30 million.



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