What is it with people who are trying to get others to clean up their mess?

First, there's the woman who is asking the internet to pay her daughter's medical bills after a viral video where she tried to jump off a roof into a pool went horribly wrong. Now comes this brazen fella in Britain.

The man, identified as David, got a parking ticket which he admits he deserved, but can't afford to pay. So, he did what anyone would do -- he put the ticket on eBay, asking for some Good Samaritan to pay for it.

In his rather lengthy description of the item up for auction, David says taking the ticket is quite the kind act, writing, "There must be one person who has done well in life and can relate to this very small horror story who would like to buy it from me and smile for several days knowing they did a great thing."

David also plans to pay it forward. Since bidding has already gone beyond the cost of the roughly $100 ticket, he has pledged to donate the excess funds to charity.

Now, that's a shrewd way to get people on your side.

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