There is no denying that musicians have some crazy fans and this woman is no different.  Formerly Linda Resa, this die hard Kanye West fan not only has tattoos, but changes her name to Mrs. Kanye West.

When I first heard this, I thought this chick was nuts.  Now that I heard her interview, I know that nuts is an understatement.  This lady, in her mind, actually thinks she has a chance with Kanye West.

She not only marked her body with tattoos, but has gone as far as changing her name.  Born Linda Resa, last April she legally had her name changed to Mrs. Kanye Resa West.  When asked why, she said she wanted to show the rapper how much she loved him.

Crazy, right?  She also has Kanye tattooed down her arm and across her behind.  I'm sure that is also a sign of her love.

Mrs. Kanye West stops by a Chicago radio station to talk about this name change.  Just by her appearance you can tell she is a little nuts.  She shows up wearing a tiara.

Here is the interview.  Check it out and decide for yourself-Is she nuts?

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