How exactly do you "accidentally" deport somebody to Colombia?  Especially a 14 year old girl?  Please, somebody give me an acceptable answer! Jakadrien Turner ran away from home when she was only 14 years old, which led to her being deported to Colombia!  And now, she's (for a lack of better words) SOL!

What happened was, she actually got arrested and gave the police a fake name.  That fake name landed her in Colombia, a scared 14 year old girl all alone!

Now, she is stuck in Colombia at the age of 15, she's pregnant, and the Colombian government WON'T RELEASE HER!

When she ran away in 2010, she found herself in Houston, TX and she also found herself arrested for theft.  After she gave the fake name, the US government mistakenly deported her to Colombia because the name she gave belonged to a 22 year old illegal immigrant that was wanted on warrants.  And now they're being greedy bastards and keeping her!

Her grandmother, Lorene Turner, found her after over a year of searching.  Using sites like Facebook and Myspace, she found her granddaughter in the last place on Earth she expected, which is Colombia.

Jakdrien was distraught from the death of her grandfather and family problems, which made her come to the conclusion that running away was the best resolution to the problem.

Apparently running from her problems only made things worse for the teen girl.  After she was deported, the Colombian government gave her a work card and released her.

US Embassy officials asked the Colombian police to pick her up, oh about a month ago.  Now she is locked in a detention facility and they will not let her go despite pleads from the family and US government.

So this is an African-American girl who doesn't speak Spanish that was shipped to Colombia!  How the hell did US officials mess this up?  How did they think a black girl that didn't speak Spanish was from Colombia?  Can we please get some freaking justice and get this poor-pregnant girl back to her home!?


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