Amarillo Police Dept.
Amarillo Police Dept.

Lubbock Police are telling us that the Amarillo girl who was called a runaway, but claimed she had been abducted and held captive in Lubbock, fabricated the story.


News Channel 10 reports:

"Lubbock, Texas - Police are now reporting a 15 year-old Amarillo girl fabricated a story claiming she was held captive in Lubbock for six weeks.

Sgt. Jason Lewis with the Lubbock Police Department says she was most likely involved in prostitution and at least one of the three men living in the Lubbock home where the girl stayed will be charged with sexual assault because of her age. Lewis says she was not held at the home against her will."

The teen reportedly ran away from Amarillo two months ago, and was taken to Lubbock by a male suspect.  Police were contacted by her Friday night from a McDonald's, saying she escaped from a home where she had been held against her will.

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