Out of the horrors of the earthquake that rocked Nepal last weekend comes this glimmer of hope.

A 15-year-old boy was rescued from the debris on Thursday (April 30), after spending five days in the rubble. It took two hours for crews to get the boy, identified as Pemba Lama, out from all the destruction.

You can see images of the efforts to save Lama below.

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Lama, who was taken to a hospital, says he survived by drinking water from wet clothing and eating from tubs of butter. He had been pinned between floors of a building that fell and told the Los Angeles Times about the harrowing experience:

There were times when I thought I was dead and then I would wake up again to find myself beneath the rubble."

Perhaps most amazing is the fact Lama does not appear to have any major injuries. A doctor who examined him said, "This is nothing short of a miracle to find him alive after five days and that too with no major injury; he was only dehydrated."

A hospital spokeswoman added, "I don't have any logical explanation. It is miraculous. It is a wonderful thing to see in all this destruction."