This space shuttle training air craft has one last mission from NASA, to land at the Amarillo Texas Air & Space museum where it will spend it's days being adored by children on field-trips and maybe a few other people.  Then again, who am I to say people don't check out museums anymore.  Maybe I should go see if there's anything new it has been a while since I've been.  Am I becoming close minded?  Well I'm rambling again so let's just move on with the blog.

This is actually pretty cool and may be my reason for taking a trip to the museum.  NASA is set to deliver it from Houston this Thursday but give it a few days before they make it available for public viewing.

Some Texas Panhandle natives will hold this one dear to they're hearts as some very accomplished astronauts have been in the seat including Rick Husband.  From Amarillo Globe News' Website (because I never read the paper):

A space shuttle training aircraft once piloted by Rick Husband is taking one last flight — to Amarillo.

Because NASA has discontinued the shuttle program, the training aircraft is no longer needed, said Richard Clark, chief of aircraft operations at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

The space agency had four training aircraft and gave one to the Texas Air & Space Museum, 10001 American Drive, near Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport.

So finish your fried burritos, put the I-Phone or Droid on airplane mode, skip the crack for a day, and get ready to remember what the museum looks like as this will be a trip that's probably worth making.  Who's down for an adult field trip?  I don't think I've ever actually been to this museum?  If your down for the trip it's out by the air port kind of so it's almost a road trip!

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