Amarillo is quickly growing and new businesses and large companies are moving in regularly.  I know a lot of us are wanting certain businesses to come into the city.  That's always a good thing.

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I have been amused at how many people have mistaken the new cheese factory as a Cheesecake Factory.

Unfortunately, as of this time, The Cheesecake Factory isn't coming to Amarillo (unless you know something I don't and have some inside information, then please do share).

Cacique Foods is coming to Amarillo.

What is Cacique?

According to their website:

Cacique® is the #1 Brand of Hispanic Cheeses, Chorizos, and Cremas. For over 40 years Cacique® has remained a family-owned company dedicated to producing the highest-quality authentic products.

I do need to clarify, that Cacique isn't just a cheese factory, they do make cheese. However, they are a food processing plant and this will be a manufacturing facility.  Not only does Cacique produce cheeses, as stated above they also produce cremas and chorizos.

It was announced in June of 2021 that Amarillo would be getting a Cacique Plant.  Governor Greg Abbott's Office sent a press release on the good news.

"I am proud to welcome Cacique to Texas and excited for the incredible impact they will make on our state's economic success story," said Governor Abbott. "Amarillo is a natural home for Cacique, as the Texas Panhandle is a magnet for the manufacturing and food processing industries. Thank you to Cacique for choosing to invest in the Lone Star State. I look forward to working with them as we usher in a more prosperous future for all Texans.”

They broke ground on the facility on June 3, 2022 and it is being built on South Georgia and Farmers Avenue.

Amarillo was chosen to be the new home of the Cacique Plant out of hundreds of choices in the beginning, and after 18 months of negotiations Amarillo is where this Cacique Plant will call home.

“After an extensive, national search, we are very happy to select Amarillo, Texas as the location of our new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We are grateful to the Governor’s office, Randall County and the city of Amarillo for their hospitality, work, and support throughout the site selection process and in helping us usher in the next era of growth for our company. From our first visit, we knew that Amarillo was special. It’s a vibrant, thriving and diverse melting pot of cultures and we’re thrilled to become part of this local community as we put down some new Cacique family roots in the great state of Texas,” said Gil de Cardenas, CEO of Cacique, LLC.

How many people will Cacique employ?

They will employ 200 full-time employees in the beginning with hopes to hire more in the future.

The cost of the plant is an estimated $88 million dollars.  They will be producing some great products made from ingredients they get from our area.  It'll bring money and jobs into our community, and that's a win/win!

Now, I know it's not The Cheesecake Factory, but as Amarillo continues to grow, who knows, I may be writing to tell you that we are getting a Cheesecake Factory.  In the meantime, you should go to your favorite store and pick up some Cacique products and use them in your next meal!

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