Intimacy 2.0 is the latest dress design by Studio Roosefaarde that actually lets your man know when your in the mood!  How simple would it be to tell your man yes or no by him just looking at your dress!  Technology, making our lives easier 1 dress at a time.

So how does the dress work?  Well it's a lot more complicated then I'll make it sound, but basically you just wear the dress and the material picks up on heart rate and becomes more transparent at it speeds up and less see through as your heart rate slows.

So in other words when your being chased by the rapist, and your all freaked out and your heart is racing, your dress will turn see through!  Oh that's lovely!  Have you ever noticed that the rapist also spells therapist?

It seems as if a woman wants to wear this dress, she better me a master of her chi!  My heart speeds up and slows down all the time I can't just control it!  So picture a girl in the dress that gets nervous at the bar because she sees an ex.  Her heart starts racing, her dress turns see through and everybody gets a cheap thrill!

Here's a thought, why don't we focus on curing cancer and other diseases that effect us on a global scale and stop funding dumb ideas like this one.


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